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Things I'd Like to Share With You


I wrote some software that you can have for free. Nifty, huh?


Sometimes I get the urge to write. If you sometimes get the urge to read, this just might work out for both of us.

Web Sites I Like

Here's a collection of places on the Internet that I find interesting or useful. You figure out which.

About This Page

This page is the home page of Chris Page, Software Engineer. It contains information about Chris and any topics of interest to Chris. If I'm lucky, you might find them of interest, too.

About Chris Page

Chris Page is a self-described Software Wrangler, Musician, and Baker who likes good engineering and a good gateau. Chris is currently doing consulting. Here is his resume.

About Software Wrangling

Software Wranglers design, create, modify, fix, improve, hack, kludge, and otherwise handle software. Don't try this at home!

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